StrobeStation Wireless

StrobeStation Wireless Strobe Hub Steps Graphic

Control your strobes with a simple, easy to use wireless remote system. The brain of the ProStrobe EZLINK strobe system, the StrobeStation Wireless communicates with an included handheld remote to operate power, strobing pattern switching, multiple strobe head syncing, and more. Install the StrobeStation Wireless and forget it – an inline fuse guards against power surges and the EZLINK system makes it simple to add more strobes or reconfigure your system. Compatible with all 12V systems and all Prostrobe EZLINK extensions & strobe heads. Powers up to eight strobe heads.

USD $53.99

  • 1 x Wireless control hub with included remote
  • 4 x EZLink system compatible strobe channels
  • 9 programmed flash patterns
  • 10A inline fuse
  • Power & control up to 8 strobes per hub (Maximum 2 strobes per channel)
  • Control up to 5 hubs with one single remote!
  • Compatible with all 12V systems
  • Easy Installation

Wireless Control Hub Example Configuration Diagram



EZLINK ProStrobe StrobeStation Wireless Control Hub Dimensions


Voltage: 12V DC
Amperage: 6A
Power: 72w


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